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Windows 10 Mobile Application Development & Training Course Institute In Pune

Windows10 Mobile Training Course - SourceKode Institute
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Windows 10 Mobile Application Development & Training Course Institute In Pune

Windows 10 Mobile Course Details:

Windows 10 Mobile OS, launched in 2015 was earlier known as Windows Phone. The Windows 10 Mobile OS, is a mobile operating system developed by Microsoft Corporation back in 2010 and has had 3 revisions ever since, namely the Windows Phone 7 OS, the Windows Phone 8.1 OS and now we are on the latest Windows 10 Mobile OS. The Windows 10 Mobile OS has been a game changer for Mircosoft Corporations mobile development wing. It is by far the most powerful Operating System they have created and is proving a tough competition to Apple's iOS and Google's Android. The Windows 10 Mobile OS has recently gained a considerable share in the market as compared to its predecessors and is now climbing new highs for Microsoft.

Why learn Microsofts Windows 10 Mobile OS?

The reason is simple, as we read above that Windows 10 Mobile is based on Microsofts "One Os or One platform" philosophy. This enables developers with coding experience in C#.NET or HTML5/Javascript to develop software applications across the whole Microsoft Gamot. This greatly reduces the cost and effort one would have to employ in order to launch across multiple platforms or would have to use a fairly unreliable Cross-Platform Framework. Microsoft has given intense thought to this and has made the development process less cumbersome for the developer community. Microsoft as like the others believes that going Mobile is the way forward and due to its high penetration in the desktop market has made a platform that is highly versatile for both the developers and end-users so as to keep their market share high and to eat up their competition.

What do you need to know for the Windows 10 Mobile Course?

Windows 10 Mobile Platform is highly intuitive platform and most people might think that one needs to learn a new programming language to master this Mobile OS. Well, the good news is that's not the case. Microsoft has given high emphasis to the fact that one need not upgrade his skills much, hence what you would need to know are the following programming languages:

  • C# or VB. NET
  • Javascript
  • HTML5
  • IDE used for Development Visual Studio or Visual Studio Express
  • Windows 10 Mobile Syllabus:

    • Lesson 1. Introducing Windows Phone 8 Development
    • Lesson 2. Windows Phone 8 Application Lifecycle
    • Lesson 3. Designing Windows Phone 8 Apps
    • Lesson 4. Building Windows Phone 8 Apps
    • Lesson 5. Maps and Location in Windows Phone 8
    • Lesson 6. Using Phone Resources in Windows Phone 8

    advanced Course :

    • Lesson 1. Files and Storage on Windows Phone 8
    • Lesson 2. Network Communication in Windows Phone 8
    • Lesson 3. Push Notifications
    • Lesson 4. Background Agents
    • Lesson 5. Tiles and Lock Screen Notifications
    • Lesson 6. App to App Communication in Windows Phone 8
    • Lesson 7. A Windows Phone 8 Concept Project

    Courses Features

    • Language
      English Hindi Marathi
    • Lectures
    • Certification
    • Project
      5 Minor + 1 Major
    • Skill Level
    • Duration
      64 hrs + 36 hrs
    • Max-Students
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