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Angular Training Institute| AngularJS 1 Course Pune| Angular Classes | Learn AngularJS | Javascript Classes

AngularJS Training Course - SourceKode Institute
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Learn  AngularJS programming at SourceKode training isntitute pune.
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What is AngularJS or Angular Javascript?

AngularJS or as it's most commonly known "Angular", was initially released in 2010, by Google and a couple of individuals and organisations to address the issues faced by developers while building single page applications. AngularJS is coded on Javascript principles and syntaxes. AngularJS 1.x has gained huge popularity amongst the developer community due to its versatile nature and ease of working. Presently, AngularJS is on its 6th revision noted as version 1.6.6 which was launched on 18th August 2017. AngularJS 1.6 is a part of Mean Stack Development and Angular.JS forms a part of front-end development which is complimented with Back-end development coded on Node.JS and MongoDB which forms the Database.

Why learn AngularJS?

AngularJS, as we have read above, is highly versatile and cuts down on the coding effort developers need to employ to have a functioning web application. AngularJS also has a feature to allow testing of the angular application which helps improve stability and performance. Angular also has a huge community of developers to support development on Angular as AngularJS is kept open-source. AngularJS is currently in the top 100 of the most starred projects on GitHub. These factors have to lead to it being adopted by many companies worldwide. As per Wikipedia, AngularJS is used on the websites of Wolfram Alpha, NBC, Walgreens, Intel, Sprint, ABC News, and about 12,000 other sites out of 1 million tested in October 2016.

Course Description

Due to the superior characteristics of AngularJS most companies in India prefer to develop apps on this framework of JavaScript. Being a fairly new technology and having a bunch of early adopters for this technology, there is a high demand for individuals who understand this framework and can implement this on the client side. Thus, there is a huge demand for AngularJS professionals with salaries starting from upwards of 30,000 Indian Rupees a month.

At SourceKode , one is trained under the guidance of industry veterans with over 1500+ hours of coding experience on AngularJS. The AngularJS course is developed in such a manner that fresh talent can gain immense applied knowledge which in turn benefits their employers. Students at SourceKode are given hands on training with live projects as a part of their AngularJS training. SourceKode students get full placement aid post completion of the course with tied up companies. Placements are procured after completion of training and project on AngularJS.


AngularJS Syllabus :

JavaScript Fundamentals

  • Lesson 1. Scope & Function Context
  • Lesson 2. Closures
  • Lesson 3. this keyword
  • Lesson 4. Object-Oriented in JavaScript
  • Lesson 5. Async and Parallel in JavaScript
  • Lesson 6. JavaScript Design Pattern

What are Web Applications?

  • Lesson 1. The Challenge with Web Apps (SPA)
  • Lesson 2. SPA or Web App's?
  • Lesson 3. To bind or not to bind? this is the question
  • Lesson 4. MVC or MVVM Frameworks
  • Lesson 5. Why AngularJS?
  • Lesson 6. JavaScript Design Pattern

AngularJS Building Blocks for Building SPA

  • Lesson 1. Template & live data binding ( Directives & $scope )
  • Lesson 2. Model, View & Controller (MVC)
  • Lesson 3. Dependency Injection ( AngularJS services )
  • Lesson 4. Modules
  • Lesson 5. LAB : TV Show SPA

Forms in AngularJS

  • Lesson 1. ng-model directive
  • Lesson 2. ngModelController & FormController
  • Lesson 3. Custom Validation
  • Lesson 4. Input directive

AngularJS Filters

  • Lesson 1. Filter Syntax
  • Lesson 2. AngularJS Filters
  • Lesson 3. Custom Filters


  • Lesson 1. $.Ajax vs. $http
  • Lesson 2. $resource
  • Lesson 3. Promises ($q) vs. Calbacks
  • Lesson 4. Offline / Online


  • Lesson 1. Introduction to Services
  • Lesson 2. Built-in Services
  • Lesson 3. Creating Custom Services

AngularJS Internal

  • Lesson 1. AngularJS Startup Process
  • Lesson 2. AngularJS Runtime
  • Lesson 3. Scope API ($id, $watch & $apply )
  • Lesson 4. Scope Communication
  • Lesson 5. Template Services
  • Lesson 6. Injector Service
  • Lesson 6. Modules
  • Lesson 6. Caching
  • Lesson 6. $provide service
  • Lesson 6. Routing


  • Lesson 1. Introduction to Directives
  • Lesson 2. Creating Custom Directives

Custom Directive

  • Lesson 1. Template
  • Lesson 2. Scope
  • Lesson 3. Compile function
  • Lesson 4. Link function
  • Lesson 5. Controller
  • Lesson 6. Transclude
  • Lesson 6. >Animation
  • Lesson 6. Tips & tricks

Routing and Navigation

  • Lesson 1. $location service
  • Lesson 2. ng-view directive
  • Lesson 3. $route service and route object
  • Lesson 4. Navigation flow
  • Lesson 5. Routing broadcasted events
  • Lesson 6. Resolve option and promise
  • Lesson 7. Cancelling route changes

Courses Features

  • Language
    English Hindi Marathi
  • Lectures
  • Certification
  • Project
    5 Minor + 1 Major
  • Skill Level
  • Duration
    64 hrs + 36 hrs
  • Max-Students
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