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Courses to Become a Software Developer|Software Development Courses for Beginners|Introductory Programming Courses

SourceKode ranked as one of the top Digital Marketing Institutes in Pune, SourceKode has one of the lastest and the most up-to-date Digital Marketing courses in all of Pune. The Curriculum is developed by industry experts and covers a wide range of topics. As per a recent study conducted by Economic Times and Ranstand, Digital Marketing is set to create roughly around 250,000 jobs in the year 2016 with an average package between 3-4.8 lakhs per annum. SourceKode looks to tap this opportunity for its students and looks to deliver quality jobs thus being the fore-front institute / training center in Pune offer the best jobs and placements to it's course takers.

C Course | C Training Institute| C Courses in Pune

C Training Institute in Pune

C-language is a base of each and every programming languages. If you know C - coding then you can easily learn languages like Java, .Net, PHP. And sourcekode technologies helps you to do expertise in C programming language with assistance of programming experts at Sourcekode Technologies.

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C++ Course | C++ Training Institute| C++ Courses in Pune

C++ Training Institute

Cpp is an advance course of C - Programming language where you can learn about object oriented programming features. Object oriented concepts are very useful when your are going to perform high level projects in companies. SourceKode technologies helps you to make your object-oriented concepts strong & gives you to perform live CPP projects.

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Oracle Course |Oracle Training Institute| Oracle Courses in Pune

Oracle Training Institute| Oracle Courses in Pune

Oracle development is the most promising careers for fresher. Learn ,manage and become a professional database administrator with us. We provide the in depth training of every aspect related to oracle db.

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Linux Course |Linux Training Institute| Linux Courses in Pune

Linux Training Institute

Linux is the worlds most Robust and Finest operating systems. It is open source which means it is free for all to use. Owing to its robust design most companies world-wide prefer developing applications or softwares on this OS. At SourceKode you will be trained by industry veterans in this OS and be made ready for any certifications you wish to pursue post course completion.

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.Net Course | .Net Training Institute| .Net Courses in Pune

Dot Net  Training Institute| Dot Net  Courses in Pune

Learn to Build some of the best and finest enterprise based applications in .Net technology with us. Explore the world of c#,asp ,jsp and .net framework with us. We at SourceKode Technologies provide a world class training in .Net. With .Net technology comes the placement assistance. Get placed with the Top MNC’s and build a career with SourceKode Technologies.

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Basics in IT Course | Basics in IT Training Institute|Basics in IT Courses in Pune

Computer Courses for Beginner

In today's era each and every person should be computer literate so that he can easily handle the basic computerized stuff. For that purpose Sourcekode technologies started basic computer & IT training courses for housewives & old-age people.

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