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MongoDB Course training | Mongo DB institute | MongoDB Classes in Pune

MongoDB Training Course - SourceKode Institute
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MongoDB Course training | Mongo DB institute | MongoDB Classes in Pune
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Learn MongoDB

MongoDB which initially released in 2009, is today a name to be reckoned with. It has gained popularity amongst start-ups not just in India but worldwide due to its diverse features. One of its powerful features is Load-Balancing. The Open-Source Database has a feature to balance high-loads of data onto multiple servers which makes this database very lucrative for fast-growing companies who are looking to scale up operations in a very short span of time. In order to scale and balance out the load over various servers using a technique called "Sharding".

At SourceKode Training Institute, we would be learning such techniques as Sharding to better utilise the power of MongoDB. MongoDB has additional features like storing data in collections made out of individual documents versus storing data in tables made out of individual rows like relational database does. MongoDB is a cloud-friendly database that is unlike relational databases thus it is referred to as a NoSQL database. A NoSQL database, is a completely new way of thinking about a database wherein, unlike conventional databases, a NoSQL database does not require vertical or horizontal expansion of servers, to expand as data or processing requirements grow. MongoDB Course at SourceKode Training Institute is a part of the MeanStack Web Development course, which is for Web Developers who look to learn advanced techniques of web development. This is a great value-add course to the existing website design and website development course offered at the Institute. MeanStack Web Development comprises of 3 facets namely:

  • Frontend Development which can be done using AngularJS Or ReactJS
  • Backend Development which can be done using NodeJS
  • Database using MongoDB or MariaDB
  • MongoDB Syllabus :

    iOS/iPhone Course Basics

    • Lesson 1. MVC
    • Lesson 2. Data types , Category & operations
    • Lesson 3. iOS 8 and above Compatibility & Features
    • Lesson 4. Navigation Components
    • Lesson 5. UI Components
    • Lesson 6. UITabbarController
    • Lesson 7. UIWebview
    • Lesson 8. UIMapkit
    • Lesson 9. Storyboard
    • Lesson 10. Orientation & Auto resizing
    • Lesson 11. Accelerometer
    • Lesson 12. Camera , Mail & SMS
    • Lesson 13. Accessing Address Book
    • Lesson 14. Audio & Video Player
    • Lesson 15. Localization
    • Lesson 16. Services & NSURLConnection
    • Lesson 17. JSON Parsingn
    • Lession 18. Services & NSURLConnection
    • Lesson 19. SQLite
    • Lesson 20. Local Notifications

    Advanced Topics in iOS/iPhone Course

    • Lesson 1. Audio & video
    • Lesson 2. Data Management - SQLite & Plist
    • Lesson 3. Detecting simple Touches & Taps
    • Lesson 4. Memory Management
    • Lesson 5. Accelerometer
    • Lesson 6. Handling Gestures
    • Lesson 7. Core Data
    • Lesson 8. Application Settings
    • Lesson 9. Deploying & Debugging application on iPhone device
    • Lesson 10. Reading Writing Text Files
    • Lesson 12. iOS multi-threading

    Courses Features

    • Language
      English Hindi Marathi
    • Lectures
    • Certification
    • Project
      5 Minor + 1 Major
    • Skill Level
    • Duration
      64 hrs + 36 hrs
    • Max-Students
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