Pay Online

- Enrolment amount is fully refundable until 24hours of batch commencement

- The above amount is all inclusive and no additional charges would be levied against the student by SourceKode Institute or any of SourceKode Institute's employees. In case you have been charged please inform the management as soon as possible.

- SourceKode takes no responsibility for the failure of payment or un-intentional debiting of the amount as the mode of payment used is PayTM. The whole liability vest's with PayTM and the customer.

- SourceKode Institute stores no card information of any of its customers.

- In case no invoice is received after successful payment of dues, we request you to immediately get in touch with us on

- Installment and full-fee payment is not refundable only enrollment amount is refundable at SourceKode Institute

- SourceKode can change it's terms and conditions without advance notice

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